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Once a small-town girl with big dreams, Dusty White seemed to have it all—until a series of shattering betrayals left her life in pieces. At rock bottom, she found herself parked outside a legal brothel, faced with a choice that would change her path forever.

What happened next began Dusty’s journey from heartbreak to wholeness, a remarkable tale of resilience as she reclaimed her life on her own terms. From truck driver to business owner, madam to world traveler, Dusty learned firsthand the power of believing in yourself.
Now she shares her inspirational true story in “Walking With an Open Heart.” Discover how she turned adversity into opportunity and reawakened her passions. Be empowered by her unrelenting spirit to keep your own dreams alive, no matter the obstacles. Dusty’s candid memoir proves it’s never too late to transform your life.

About the Author

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Meet Dusty White, a lifelong traveler, and seasoned storyteller. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences, Dusty has spun a captivating memoir that transcends the ordinary and taps into the universal quest for self-discovery and personal growth. With a flair for capturing the nuances of human emotion and the complexities of life, Dusty's writing inspires readers to see adversity not as a hurdle, but as a stepping stone towards realizing their own dreams.

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Dusty White tells her life story about working for a brothel. She has the odds stacked against her when her first husband betrayed her and her family didn't support her decision in divorce. She lost custody of her children and found herself on the doorstep of a Sue's. Dusty is brave for speaking her truths. I found myself glued to the book because I wanted to know how her life played out. She is able to gain control of her life in a time when men's rights were still superior to women.


GoodReads review

This book was a wonderful read! A page turner full of life's raw surprises, the good and the bad. All tackled head on by an incredibly resilient woman, far ahead of her time, and with enough spirit to live each day to the fullest! May we all be brave enough to walk through life with an open heart!


Amazon review

I’ve known the author for almost 50 years. As I read the book, I would share her story with him. He thought her story was larger than life. I told him that if he knew her he would realize she is larger than life. She has been a trail breaker for a lot of us. She followed after her in a “man’s world!” She still is living larger than life. What a life she’s had!!


Amazon review

I haven't read for awhile but I was drawn by the fact it's a true life story , once I read chapter one I could not put in down completed in two days and left wanting more , I hope there another chapter well several chapters coming soon , loved it , Dusty I take my hat of to you girl.


Amazon review (United Kingdom)

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In the Press: Diverse Reflections on Dusty White's Story

"Walking With An Open Heart" is more than just a memoir. It's an intimate exploration into the depths of life, delivering a potent message: Our life is always full, our destiny is our choice, and our dreams are within our grasp.

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